I am a fifth-year PhD candidate at the Operations Research Center at MIT, working with Georgia Perakis. My primary research interest lies at the intersection of Optimization and Machine Learning. I collaborate closely with companies, developing novel approaches and algorithms to enable data-driven decision-making in many applications like supply chain and healthcare.

Upcoming & Recent Talks

  • “End-to-End Learning via Constraint-Enforcing Approximators for Linear Programs with Applications to Supply Chains”
    • February 28, 2022 AAAI-22 Workshop
  • “Addressing High Dimensional Prediction Challenges in RM Applications”
    • October 25, 2021, INFORMS 2021 Annual Meeting
  • “Inventory Distribution For A Large Fashion E-retailer With Depth And Capacity Constraints”
    • October 26, 2021, INFORMS 2021 Annual Meeting

  • Optimization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Operations Management
  • Algorithm Design
  • PhD in Operations Research, 2022

    Massachusetts Institute of Techonology

  • Diploma - MEng Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2017

    National Technical University of Athens


Machine Learning
Data Science


IBM Research
Research Internship
IBM Research
Jun 2020 – Aug 2020 New York - Zurich
  • Developing algorithms & models to integrate prediction & prescription for Revenue Management applications
  • Incorporating business constraints and state of the art prediction methods
  • Simulating & demonstrating a competitive advantage over classic predict then optimize approach
Inditex - Zara
Research Externship
Inditex - Zara
Jan 2020 – Feb 2020 A Coruna, Spain
  • Worked on novel machine learning methods to improve demand forecasting for new products.
  • Extensive data analysis and sales pattern extraction
  • Performance testing over large datasets with global historical sales data